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Toshokan no Daimajutsushi

Summary Toshokan no Daimajutsushi

小さな村に暮らす耳長の少年は本が大好き。しかし耳長で貧乏だった為、村の図書館を使うことができなかった。彼は差別が存在しない本の都・アフツァックに行くことを夢見る。ある日、少年は憧れのアフツァックの図書館で働く司書(カフナ)と出会い、自身の運命を大きく変えることに──。孤独な少年が未来を切り拓く、異世界ビブリオファンタジー!! In a distant world reminiscent of the Arabian Nights, a mysterious young elf-child etched by a difficult life in the slums of a remote village with his elder sister.One day, he encountered Sedona, a librarian from the greatest library of the land, and the two formed a bond as they began their adventure in a fantastic and wondrous world.




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