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Chapter 1869: All kinds of ancient treasures

Translator: 549690339

In front of the gate of destinies, there were many people.

All the disciples rushed forward, as if they were afraid that if they were a step slower, the treasure inside would be taken away by others.

“Hahaha! I’ll be the first!”

Someone managed to grab the first spot and laughed out loud in joy.

“They’re from the night race!”

There was an uproar.

Many of the disciples looked at the figure with fear.

Among the various clans of Pangu, the night clan had always been one of the most terrifying clans in the eyes of the world because they were good at assassination. People were also afraid of the night clan, especially such a monster.

“This guy is said to be the second brother of the ye clan, second only to that ye jiuxuan!”

“The people of the night clan are all quite terrifying!”

The crowd started discussing in low voices.

“Hey! What monster of the night clan, never failing, and boasting quite well. Last time, when we chased after the Barbarian from the lower realm, why didn’t I see ye jiuxuan succeed? I think it’s just an undeserved reputation. ”

There were also other demons who were indignant and sneered.

The commotion in front of the door only subsided after a while.

That night race demon stood in front of the gate of destinies, and half of his body was enveloped by a divine glow. He raised his hand, and the ring opened wide. A brilliant Crystal Light poured out.

Those were Jingshi!

Countless Jingshi turned into torrents, continuously spurting out of the ring and entering the door.

“A million!”

“Ten million!”

Everyone could roughly estimate the amount of these Jingshi.

They weren’t surprised. After all, he was a monster of the night race and represented the entire clan. How could he not have some wealth? besides, this was just a crystal stone, the lowest grade item.

For a few minutes, the flood of Jingshi did not stop and continued to pour into the door.

“It’s almost a billion!”

When the night race monster stopped, someone made an estimation.

Then, the night race monster raised his hand again, and another light gushed out from the ring. This time, it was not crystal stones, but plants. Looking at their appearance, they should all be high-grade plants, which were worth a lot.

” 100000 plants and vegetation!”

When he stopped, someone else shouted.

After pausing for a moment, the night race monster continued. Another wave of treasure light poured out and entered the door.

This time, it was a tribulation weapon. Thousands of tribulation weapons turned into a torrent and rushed into the door. Looking at their grades, they were not very high. Most of them were at the second or third tribulation, and occasionally, a few reached the fourth tribulation.

“What a big move!”

Many of the disciples who were attending for the first time were dumbfounded by the scene.

“As expected of a great clan!”

Although Gao Dayong and the others had seen it before, they couldn’t help but praise it with envy.

Tang Hao sighed, but he did not think much of it.

More than a billion Jingshi, 100000 high-grade plants and trees, plus 1000 2nd and 3rd tribulation weapons!

This formation looked huge, but in reality, it was nothing.

After throwing the treasure, the evildoer of the night race took a step back and stared at the door. His face showed a bit of apprehension.

After a while, the gate of destinies trembled slightly. With a clang, the sound of a Dao Bell rang out. Following that, a brilliant light shone. A ball of light flew out from the gate and landed in front of the night race demon.

“It’s an ancient sword!”

“That aura … It’s the eighth tribulation! This is an Emperor artifact!”

Everyone looked at it and cried out in surprise.

“He’s so lucky!”

“The night race has earned!”

Everyone was a little envious.

An eight-tribulation Emperor weapon was second only to a supreme weapon. Every one of them was rare, and a clan would not have many of them. It was a big deal to exchange for an Emperor weapon at this price.

In theory, this was the best treasure. After all, Supreme weapons had never appeared in the gate of destinies before.

“An Emperor artifact?”

The faces of Zao Hua Zi and the elders of the gate of fortune changed slightly. Many of the elders even revealed a look of regret.

This Emperor artifact should have belonged to the gate of fortune.

“Forget it!”

Soon, they shook their heads and sighed.

Now that the sect had declined and was no longer as glorious as it was in ancient times, so what if they had the emperor’s artifact? furthermore, the gate of destinies was no longer under their control. They could only watch from the side.

“Hahaha! Good sword! It seems that the night race is in good luck!”

The evildoer of the night race took the sword and played with it for a moment. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud, full of pride.

“Let me do it!”

After he came down, the disciples behind him couldn’t hold back any longer. They quickly stepped forward and waved their hands, releasing countless treasure lights.

After ten minutes or so, he finally spat out all of these treasures. It was about the same as the night race ‘s, but there were more than a hundred tribulation weapons.

“An Emperor artifact would be best! If it doesn’t work, a divine material will do!”

The disciple clenched his fists and mumbled to himself after throwing the treasure.

A moment later, with a clang, a ball of light flew out from the door and landed in front of him. Upon closer inspection, it was a golden bone the size of a head. Golden lightning flickered on it, exuding a terrifying aura.

“This is … A spine?”

Everyone recognized him after a while.

“The Suan ni is a Supreme Being among the ancient thunder beasts. Although its bone is not a divine bone, it is still very valuable. It is a top-tier material for forging tribulation weapons and setting up spell formations.”

“A piece of spine is still far inferior to that Emperor artifact!”

The crowd discussed in low voices as they evaluated the ancient spine.


Tang Hao, on the other hand, was surprised. He was very familiar with the bones of the Suan ni. He had once obtained a complete Suan NI’s skeleton and used it to refine the lightning Pool. Later, he also obtained a mirror-shaped Emperor weapon made from the bones of the Suan ni.

“I don’t make a loss nor a profit!”

Tang Hao estimated that the value of the treasure that the man had invested in it was about the same as the value of the spine.

The man took the bone, his face full of disappointment.

“Go away! Let me do it!”

The people behind him had already impatiently walked up and began to throw in their treasures. The amount was about the same as the two people in front.

This was also the experience that these clans had gained over the years.

This amount was the most appropriate, the rest would depend on luck.

This time, the door spat out a bead. An 8th tribulation weapon was much weaker than the Emperor weapon and the spine. The disciple couldn’t help but sigh with worry.

“Unlucky! What bad luck!”

He took the bead and went down in frustration.

Following that, a group of foreign disciples took turns to step forward. The treasures that everyone had invested were similar. Occasionally, there would be a few people who had invested several times more treasures, but the treasures they obtained were about the same as the others.

A few hundred people passed by, and the treasures that came out of the door were also of all kinds. There were ancient spiritual medicines, pills, tribulation weapons, spiritual materials, cultivation techniques, arrays, beast materials, and so on. There were all kinds of things, and the quality was also uneven.

The best treasure among them was still the night race’s Emperor artifact. No one could surpass him.

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