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A Girl's Feelings (Hisasi) AI-shiteru Angel Ring Blood Donation Devil Cute Devil Girlfriend I Love an A.I. Katakoi (Hisasi) Katakoi: Aphrodisiac x Heat x Orgy!? Katakoi: Biyaku x Hatsujou x Dairankou Kenketsu Akuma Koakuma-Kanojo Onnanoko no Kimochi Sister's Ring Tsun Devil Unrequited Love (Hisasi) 小悪魔カノジョ

Koakuma Kanojo

Summary Koakuma Kanojo

Read Koakuma Kanojo Manga: Hibiki only wants her best friend Kazuki to be happy! So why does she get a nasty feeling whenever the ultra-hot elf Elena shows up on his arm? Will these two combatants wage a love-potion war to lay claim to the man they adore? Cute Devil Girlfriend plays for keeps with hot-headed demons and angelic cuties galore! Will a pair of nurses prove to be too much for a young guy to resist? And can a computer fantasy morph into the ultimate hot reality? 1. Katakoi: Biyaku x Hatsujou x Dairankou (Katakoi: Aphrodisiac x Heat x Orgy!?) 2-4. Katakoi (Unrequited Love) 5. Kenketsu Akuma (Blood Donation Devil) 6. Angel Ring 7. Onnanoko no Kimochi (A Girl's Feelings) 8. AI-shiteru (I Love an A.I.) 9. Sister's Ring 10-11. Tsun Devil Toranoana doujinshi shop 4-page bonus booklet: 12. Onnanoko no Kimochi After (Koakuma Kanojo Tokuten Shousasshi) - A Girl's Feelings After (Cute Devil Girlfriend bonus booklet) [Color bonus, 4 pages. Continues the story from chapter 7.]




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Koakuma Kanojo





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