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エイケン (Japanese); 巨乳學院 (Chinese); หนุ่มง่าวสาวสะบึมส์ (Thai)


Summary Eiken

Read Eiken Manga: Zashono Academy is unique in all the world. It has 54,000 students and this allows for some VERY specialized clubs. There are clubs for just about everything you can think of... and then there's the Eiken club. No one seems to know just what it's about, but they do know that it's filled with some of the most bodacious babes ever to be brought together! ...and then there's Densuke. Densuke is a little awkward and clumsy and he always seems to be in the most compromising positions with all the other club members. And all he really wants is to be with the cutest girl on campus, the lovely Chiharu. Will he ever be able to get away from the uncomfortable club activities and let Chiharu know what's really on his mind?




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